Plea against improper solar lamp installation

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Imphal, December 27, 2017: A group of social interest people has drawn the attention of the state authority against alleged manipulation in installations of road side solar lamps in some of the residential municipal areas.

The work order for the installation of the solar lamps was issued on April 15 to the Ward Development Committees under the 1st instalment of 14th FCA/GBG. The installations were to be completed on September 11. It was funded by Municipal Administration Housing and Urban Development (MAHUD).

The individual group has alleged that the manipulation can be seen in two different receipts provided by W. Ibohal Singh and Sons, one of the suppliers of the items for the solar lamp installation. However, both the receipts quoted similar total supply cost for installation of one solar lamp and there is manipulation in the items installed. One gave seven details of items and service costs while the other doesn’t, said the group.

In one receipt approved by K. Romeo Singh member secretary, Ward Development Committee (WDC) on September 8 listed the battery possessing 40 AH while another receipt approved on the same date by Sakuntala Kamei, member secretary, WDC listed the battery possessing the capacity of 20 AH. Another difference in the list was of the LED bulbs. One was of 12 watt while the other was of 15 watt. The group asked why there is difference in the battery power and bulbs.

S. Robinson Sharma of Thangmeiband said the group has found out that the lamps installed have difference in the light emission as the batteries and the bulbs are different from one lamp post to another. Besides these manipulations we have found that some lamps are connected directly from public electricity supply lines, he added.

Each ward in the 27 municipal councils has to install 38 numbers of solar lamps. However in some wards the numbers are less than 38. But there are wards which strictly follow the work order issued, said Robinson.

For each ward the total cost of installation for the solar lamps is Rs. 9, 50,000 provided Rs. 25, 000 for installation cost of one lamp.

Implementations of the scheme have not been completed in some of the wards. However work completion reports were certified by the S.O. concerned during September 16 to 21 and the utilisation certificates have been submitted. “Therefore, we want the state authority concerned to look into the matter in the interest of the welfare for the people”, said Robinson saying that works for 2nd instalment under 14th FCA/GBC has begun without proper completion of the works allotted for the 1st instalment.

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