Manipur Shares a Deep Emotional Bond with Japan – Governor

Imphal, December 13, 2017 (DIPR): Hon’ble Governor of Manipur, Dr. Najma Heptulla today received a team of 10 member Buddhist delegation led by Mr. Bhikshu Gyomyo Nakamura, Japan at Raj Bhavan. The Governor recounting her experiences of her visits to Asian countries interacted with the delegation team and discussed on the strong relations shared between Manipur and Japan.

Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla said that Manipur had an emotional relationship with Japan from way back. During the interaction she said that she had discussion on the Indo-Japanese relation and Manipur-Japanese relation with the Ambassador of Japan a year back. She had discussed about the cleaning of the Loktak Lake, the largest fresh water lake in North-East India.

The Governor also informed the Buddhist delegation that she had given invitation to the Japanese delegation taking part in the Business Summit during the Sangai Festival to invest in Manipur for building roads and to improve connectivity in the State.

Stating that Japan should build roads in Manipur for connectivity with the entire South East Asia, Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla said she is also pursuing the matter with the Government to have good connectivity with the entire South East Asian Countries.

She added that there is a close cultural relation between India and South East Asian Countries and that the India’s ethos is spread through out the Asian countries which are evident in the religious practices of Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. She also reminded the Buddhist delegation that the Prime Minister spoke about the ancient relations shared with Japan at the recently concluded South East Asian Summit.

Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla said that Japan occupies a special place in the hearts of every citizen of Manipur. She said the strong ties are not only based on Buddhism, but from the 2nd world war. She also assured the delegates there will be many more relationships with Japan in the near future. The Governor also asked the delegation team to visit the Museum where the artefacts of the World War were displayed.

Mr. Nakamura said that the main purpose of their visit is to pray for souls of the war victims of the Japanese Army, the Indian Army and the Civilians who died in the 2nd World War particularly Japanese-Imphal-Ladakh war. Japanese people want to connect with the North East people of India and that he had requested the Governor to make the State Government provide good connectivity so that Japanese Tourist can visit the State and can also promote Manipur tourism.

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