Pothashang News Service

Imphal, December 22:  A 2-day State level Louroi Festival was launched today at IWSC Ground Khumbong Awang Sabal as its 9th edition.

The festival is organised by State Level Louroi Festival Observation Committee on the theme “Honouring Farmers and Mother Earth”.

Convenor of the committee Kh. Binashakhi stated that the age old traditions of sowing and harvest have disappeared gradually. Everone need to pay due attention to the shrinking of agricultural lands and drop in the number of farmers in the state, she added.

The festival is organised to preserve and revive the age old traditions sowing and harvesting methods. Folk arts—Pena Seisak, Khongjom Parba, Thang Ta, Paokhong Channaba, Khulang Eshei, Lourok Jagoi, and Lourok eshei are lined up as a part of the unique festival.

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