KCP Maoist boycotts assembly; imposes 12 hours general strike in Manipur valley

Pothashang News Service

Imphal, December 19, 2017: Boycotting the winter state assembly session that begins tomorrow, the KCP Maoist has imposed a twelve hours general strike in the valley districts of the state allegedly against misappropriation of the PDS (public distribution) items to the people.

The general strike was declared to begin at 5 am. It exempts essential services, media and religious ceremonies.

In a statement signed by coordinator, standing committee, KCP Maoist, Kyonghan Mangang the rebel group stated that it had imposed a 12 hours general strike on November 5 demanding action against the culprits who are responsible for the misappropriation of PDS items.

Maoist party had alleged that the PDS minister has turned deaf ears to the pleas made to punish those responsible for the non availability of PDS items.

The rebel group stated that it does not believe that there will be any complain of the people both by the opposition and the ruling in the assembly session and hence compelled to boycott the assembly which does not consider the woe of the poor.

It said the group knows the general strike will give negative impact to daily living earners. However, the items that are meant for the poor have been misappropriating for the past 1-2 decades.

The KCP Maoist warned that it will decide severe forms of strikes if the government fails to punish the culprits behind the misappropriation of the PDS items.

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