Imphal, November 06, 2017 (DIPR): Legends tell everything, Meiteis and Anals has inseparable centuries-old bond and close connection. During an undisclosed pre-historic era, Ibudhou Wangbren Khana Chaoba, the Meitei deity, who manned the southern frontier of Manipur, dared to compete with strong Anal youths to claim the hand of Shangnu Shanghra (also known as Shangkhurembi), the only daughter of Anal Chief Mongyam Ngamba.

It is widely believed among the Anals and the Meiteis that Ibudhou happily settled with the beautiful lady after coming out victorious in the competition.

Centuries have passed and civilization gone, but this legend never gets ruined with the passing of time. It still remains in the rich folklore of Manipur with relics believed to be connected with the legend are still standing tall as testimonies at a picturesque place known as Hungke-pa in Anal Khullen village in Chandel district.

During Chief Minister Shri N. Biren’s maiden visit to Chandel district headquarters recently, this legend came forth once again with a new vigour when Anal Naga Taangpi (ANTA) requested him to develop a tourist resort at Anal Khullen to commemorate the inseparable age-old hill-valley relationship.

The Chief Minister, who has championed in forging hill-valley ties, while speaking at a grand reception function attended by thousands of people of different communities at Chandel’s Maha Union Ground on November 4 declared that his Government would leave no stone unturned in developing the sacred site no matter how much money it required.

Within 48 hours, N. Biren announced through the media that Rs. 2 crore had been earmarked by the Government for the said project.

Speaking at the same function, N. Biren said, “I was almost in tears when I went through the memorandum submitted by Anal Naga Taangpi. The Anal body requested me to develop the sacred site of Ibudhou Wangbren at Anal Khullen. We can’t overlook such realties and common history that we share together.”

Disclosing that the request was made in a memorandum of the apex Anal body, the Chief Minister pointed out that the representation merits attention because it traces our forefathers, and history tells that hill and valley people have common ancestors.

The Chief Minister said that his Government’s ‘Go to Hills’ slogan is a sincere effort towards identifying the cause of hill-valley divide and resolve all forms of discord through understanding and egalitarian development.

“We can’t solve any problem without going to the root cause”, he opined.

Biren contended that he takes the request as an effort to trace the common forefathers of hill and valley people. “We can’t be united if we don’t know about our ancestors”, he added.

The Chief Minister invited the Village Authority of Anal Khullen to meet him and discuss the details of the proposed project.

ANTA’s memorandum said, “We the Anal tribe are one of the most populous tribes in the district, also having firm relationship with the Meitei brethren from time immemorial when ‘Wangbrel’ God of water had a nuptial ties with Anal damsel called Shangnu Shanghra of Anal Khullen village where till now the monolith and some Anal legend still exist. We propose you to construct a tourist resort at Anal Khullen with proper pucca roads for better connectivity from Chakpikarong and Chandel district headquarters.”

Anal Khullen is located at a distance of around only 20 km from Chandel district headquarters. The village can be reached from Chakpikarong as well. The road distance from Chakpikarong to Annal Khullen is around only 8 km.

Expressing hope that Ibudhou Wangbren’s sacred site would become a tourist destination in the near future, N. Biren said that promotion of eco-tourism is a must at places like Chandel, where people’s hospitality is so fine and the landscape is serenely beautiful.

The Chief Minister, who also holds Tourism portfolio, stated that many tourism projects are in the offing across the State including Chandel district. The State may earn huge revenue if tourist destinations are developed, he opined.

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