Congress launches protest; demands reveal “Framework Agreement contents”

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Imphal, November 12: Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee has launched protest against concealing the content in the Framework Agreementsigned between the NSCN IM and the government of India to finalise years’ long Indo-Naga peace talk without affecting unity.

With possible end of the peace talk ahead of the Nagaland assembly elections or by December Manipur PCC protest led by Congress Legislature leader Okram Ibobi Singh at Koyathong Andolan Keithel demanded to reveal the content in the Frame Work agreement signed on August 15, 2015.

Saying that the secrecy of the Framework Agreement signed has aroused suspicion of disintegrating Manipur by offering a separate administrative council to conclude the peace talk, the sit-in gathering urged BJP not to stimulate breaking the unity of Manipur just to appease a militant group.  It also demanded not to create enmity between the hill and valley people. The congress re-affirmed to struggle for unity of the people who have been living together since the past.

The congress gathering with the support of the people of Thangmeiband appealed all people bodies and political parties in raising voice to safeguard unity.

Former chief minister and Congress legislature leader Okram Ibobi said attempts were made in the name of Pan Naga or special autonomous district administration for the Nagas, but the Congress has been standing against the proposals that came up in different phases of the peace talk that would divide Manipur.

“We all want a solution once for all. Why the content in the Framework Agreement is kept as hidden agenda in the strategy for a solution to the Naga issue? It has been said the agreement is only between the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and NSCN IM leader and only two of them knows what is in the agreement. But interlocutor RN Ravi has signed on behalf of the government of India. The agreement was signed without taking cabinet decision. This unofficial and secret agreement has made people suspicious of negative result.” said Ibobi.

Of the total geographical area 90 percent are hill areas. Out of the hill areas except Churachandpur the NSCN IM claims the hill districts, Chandel, Ukhrul, Senapati, Tamenglong as land for Nagas, said Ibobi. So, the demand of separate land for Naga will have worst impact in Manipur other than its impact in Assam or Arunachal Pradesh, said Ibobi.

“Anytime the government may come out with a solution. The central government will say something should be offered to end the peace talk. For this they may ask for an administrative autonomy within the state without breaking the territory. If the autonomy is given it would be the initiation of breaking Manipur.”  said Ibobi.

We are not against the government or to anyone but we are protesting for the sake of Manipur as its people, added Ibobi.

“We all support for a solution that would make the militant returns home. What we want is to fix that Welcoming day.”The solution should be brought only in Nagaland as the group’s name is National Socialist Council of Nagaland, not Manipur. MPCC will not be bothered when a neighbouring state brings a solution with its militant group. “If BJP has the gut fix a final date and announce that the solution is within Nagaland”, said Kh. Joykishan.

“The state government keeps saying Manipur will not be affected by the peace talk. If so, why the state government set up a consultative committee and met interlocutor RN Ravi and union home secretary? Why the result of the meeting is not disclosed to the people? Why did the chief minister called all political party meeting the peace talk will not affect Manipur?” asked Joykishan.

BJP says there is nothing in the Framework Agreement that would disintegrate Manipur. But fails to disclose what is in it. “BJP talks of being a transparent government, but the content in the Framework Agreement is kept secret, is it transparency?” asked MLA K. Meghachandra.

He said MPCC had asked all political parties in the state to open their stand. “I hope NPF will support the unity struggle”, he added.

The Manipur PCC affirmed to continue the protest to safeguard the integrity as the finalisation of the peace talk is suspicious of affecting integrity of Manipur.

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