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Imphal, November 17: Chandel Naga Peoples Organization (CNPO) terming the November 13 Chandel blast that killed two AR Jawans injuring three others as barbaric act appealed underground groups to restrain from such inhuman act.

In a press statement released today, LV Robert Lamkang said a presidential meeting was convened by CNPO yesterday vehemently condemned the barbaric act of bomb blast on 13th November, 2017 at Mahamani village that killed 2 AR personnel and injuring some. The meeting conveyed condolence message to the bereaved families and pray for the injured personnel and families. Further, the meeting resolved to extend fullest cooperation to the police dept. Chandel in their activities to nap and book the perpetrator(s).

The meeting expressed strong resentment at the present and stationed of unwanted state forces in Chandel District HQ or elsewhere. It is considered as policies and programmes of state government to create problems in order to solve another one. It is also a mental torture and harassment to the people of Chandel, said the statement.

We are peace and harmony loving people and will continue maintaining it whatsoever. Therefore, we appeal to any group(s) to restrain from such inhuman act in future that pollute clean atmosphere of Chandel. As a valley base UG has claim responsibility of the blast, we urge the state Govt. and state forces to divert their attention towards them and not to Chandel. We will not accept or tolerate any mechanisms of state government or forces which will be detrimental to the people of Chandel, it added.

This statement is issued in order to restore peace and normalcy in Chandel District, said the statement.

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