Panic not for fuel

Pothashang News Service

Imphal, October 11: The Department of consumer affairs, food & public distributionhas appealed the public not to worry for petrol or diesel due to a One-Day General Strike by the petrol pump dealers on Friday in the entire country.

A press statement released by the department said, the stock in hand for petrol is for 32 days, for diesel 40 days, for SK Oil 34 days, for LPG 3 days and for Aviation Fuel is 14 days. In the meantime, fuel tankers are also bringing in petroleum products into the state.

It also appealed the public not to stock petrol or diesel in excess worrying about the unavailability of petroleum products due to the strike by the pump dealers. For use on October 13, the public can stock petrol or diesel well in advance.

Petroleum products also will not be allowed to sell by black marketers despite closing of petrol pumps, added the statement.

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