Imphal, October 30: NSCN K has cautioned the India government that the outfit will be forced to ask every Indian people to leave Naga country if the NIA continue its terrorist activities in Nagaland.

“Looting of money during house raids has become a trademark of NIA in Nagaland” said a statement issued by Col. Isak Sumi MIP/GPRN.

It said, the government of India had empowered NIA with unparalleled extra-constitutional and extra-judicial excessive terrorizing powers to harass, arrest, torture and imprison the Nagas far beyond the legal limits.

Regardless of the endless provocations of NIA to force NSCN/GPRN to commit terrorist activities, the NSCN had been maintaining maximum restraint but if the same terrorizing trend of NIA continues in Nagaland unchecked, the NSCN/GPRN in order to refrain itself from indulging in terror activities will be forced to ask every Indian people to leave Naga country, added the statement.

The indiscriminate manner in which the NIA has been persecuting even the innocent Nagas including the NSCN sympathizers, the NSCN in the same manner will be compelled to view every Indian people in Nagaland either traders, business men or government servicemen etc as agents, collaborators, said the statement.

It continued that the use of absolute terror during the first phase of repression from 1955-1975 by the India Armed Forces passed unnoticed without international community or United Nation’s intervention due to complete censorship of international press and media coverage and partly due to physical and topographical isolation of Nagaland and the Naga people from the rest of the world. No eulogy is deemed fitting enough to portray the terror and inhumanity the Nagas suffered in the hands of the terrorizing Indian Government Forces that literally enveloped the entire Naga country almost outnumbering the civilian Naga population by Indian soldiers. Many cases of genocides, mass murder, mass execution, mass concentration camps, mass rape, tortures etc still remain unreported and unverified.

“The destruction of wealth, properties and assets of the Nagas and complete destruction of more than 800 Naga villages through arson by Indian Army still is etched deeply in the collective memories of the Naga people. The desecration of our faith by raping Naga women inside Churches and burning down of School and Churches reminds us of the “decades of darkness” in the Naga history. No amount of compensation can ever recuperate the vilest crimes of insanity the Nagas had been forced to undergo just because the Nagas want to remain a Naga. All these sufferings only reinforce our collective aspiration as a people and nation to further strive and sacrifice to reclaim our birthrights. The decades can be drawn parallel in many aspects as “The Indian Vietnam”.

It is also quite relevant to remind the day’s government of India and her top Army Generals that the contemporary Indian Generals waging the undeclared war against the Nagas candidly acknowledged the military failure and harangued for political solution because they realized the futility of using sheer terrorism and violence, instead, opined for resolution of the conflict through political dialogue.

Some top Indian commanders even went to the extent of honoring the bravery of the Naga Army and stated that Nagas never used terror or terrorist tactic against them regardless of the uninhibited use of terror by Indian forces. “It must however be understood that the Naga Army even in the face of daily terrorism by the Indian Government Forces had only been resisting in self defense and never had resorted to terror methods even in an instance against terror spewing Indian Armed Forces. The Naga Army and NSCN had never ventured out beyond the India occupied Naga territory to attack Indian forces or has caused harm to any Indian citizen within and without or caused damage or destruction of vital installations or properties and assets belonging to Indian Government nowhere within or outside. The Nagas had all along been fighting self defensively solely against the India Armed Forces forceful militarization and invasion of Naga country and there had never been a single incident where non-combatant Indian citizen had been harmed by Naga Army. On the contrary, the Indian Forces even in the recent years from 2015-17, several innocent school students and women have been killed and injured. Many innocent civilian Naga men having no connection at all with NSCN have been killed, injured, arrested, tortured and imprisoned. The innocent family members, wives and children of NSCN workers are harassed, tortured, homes raided and money and properties stolen and damaged by Indian Forces especially by the NIA”, said the statement.

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