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Imphal, October 16:  Industry, textiles and commerce minister Thongam Biswajit Singh today inaugurated Hand Woven Garment Fair 2017 at the Panthoibi Complex, Paona Shopping Complex, International Market here in Imphal.

The present government is developing an Industrial Policy for the State to facilitate the much-needed acceleration to economic growth and development, said Biswajit Singh.

He said that, the government under the leadership of the chief minister is deliberating on how to attract foreign investors and how to promote local entrepreneurs so that these could be incorporated into the policy.

Manipur has everything, we have human talent, natural resources, the only thing we need is investors, he said, adding that, attracting investors will certainly give a boost to the State’s economy and at the same time help in solving the unemployment problem. Even bigger states like Karnataka and Maharashtra invite investors, so we should also invite and attract investors, he added.

Minister Biswajit said that the government is organising a Business Summit on the first two days of the Manipur Sangai Festival under the initiative of the Chief Minister. He added invitations will be extended to successful and top businessmen from all over the world.The government is also considering cotton plantation at Jiribam and Kwatha as a pilot project and revival of the Spinning Mill, he said.

Minister Biswajit also observed the need to promote pottery in the state as it is also a part of our tradition.

Expressing that the government alone cannot bring development, the Minister said the people should not wait for only the government to do everything. He continued it is also time to move away from the mind-set that government job alone isemployment. We should also promote the private sector, he added.

Development is possible only if we help ourselves, he said. A State can never be developed or prosperous without industrialisation.

Further observing that every household in the State has a loom, the Minister said handloom and handicraft is a tradition of the State. He continued that, we have the highest number of weavers in the country today. He also said that,handloom products of our weavers are not inferior to products from outside.

He continued that for quite some years the handloom and handicraft of the State had witnessed a decline as our people preferredthings brought in from outside the State disregarding and neglecting our own products.The major concern of the present government in the sector is to increase both production and income of the weavers, the Minister said observing that unemployment, lack of earning opportunities and meagre income are main problems of the State.

Minister Biswajit also spoke on the need for patenting the indigenous products.

Manipur Handloom and Handicrafts Development Corporation Ltd. Chairman S. Rajen Singh said several schemes have been undertaken for the welfare of the weavers.

He said we should promote local products to improve our economy

Principal Secretary, Textiles, Commerce and Industry ShriP.Vaiphei said the fair is different from others as the products are woven by people of the land. He said the quality of the product is also not inferior from those found outside the State.

He said he is also presently surprised with the pricing of the items. He said the products will get good market, but we only need to publicise and advertise the products so that people would be aware of the products.

We should ensure that supply is adequate to meet the demand, he said observing that inability to meet the demand would send out a negative message.

The inaugural function was also attended by Handloom and Textiles Director ShriK.Lamlee Kamei.

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