Jiribam, October 10, 2017 (DIPR): Education Minister Thokchom Radheshyam Singh was satisfied to see huge number of student being enrolled and attending classes in the govt. Schools of the newly created district. However, he was saddened to see the poor infrastructural conditions of the government schools and the bad condition of the approaching roads. He said the first and foremost priority from the department’s side for the school and the people of the district would be to renovate and construct extra temporary classrooms to facilitate the students in attending their classes better. The schools being upgraded and converse to government schools after setting up 40-50 years ago, most of the buildings were in poor condition though there was huge number of students.

The teachers’ and staffs’ grievances specially regarding the acute shortages of accommodation problems faced by them being posted in far flung place were put forth to the Minister. He pointed out that the officials of different departments in the state also face the problem for accommodation. Radhehsyam said a proposal for composite quarter would be proposed to the centre where officials of different professionals could reside together. The Minister said that for the betterment of the schools and the people he assured that he would discuss the prevalent condition of the district with the Chief Minister.

During the visit, the minister and the officials visited the Chhotobakra High School, Borobakra HR.  Sec.  School, Ahmadabad Govt.  High school, Jirighat High School, Jiri College and ITI Jiri. Meeting the teachers and staffs the Minister said the students should be taught moral lessons and encourage them to participate in the extra curricular activities also.  He said the teachers are the mentors and guide for the students. The students should be treated as their children and encourage them to attend school regularly.

He said any developmental work taken up in the educational institution should be according to the need base of the students and the schools’ itself.  He asked the teachers to have the courage to stop any infrastructural developmental work if the quality is not maintained.

He said the school is the property for everyone and should come together for the betterment of the school for it is the most important factor that holds the future key of not only the children and nations as whole.

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