3 girls rescued from frauds in Karnataka

Imphal, October 26: A cooperative team work of Karnataka Police, Manipur Police and Women Helpline, has rescued three girls, residents Senapati and Churchandpur from the hands of flesh traders in Karnataka.

Ravi Shama, manager, Helpline, Manipur stated the information in a press statement released today. They will be arriving lmphal on 26th October 2017 and will be handed over to their respected families after due process, added the statement.

Ravi Sharma said, a rescue operation was jointly conducted by Karnataka Police (Shimoga district), Manipur Police (lmphal West) and Women Helpline, 181, Manipur wherein a young girl from Churachandpur, called up Women Helpline Manipur 181, to enquire the authenticity of a job being offered to her in Bangalore in a beauty parlor as beautician along with two other girls (total three girls of which second girl is her sister -in-law who is a minor and third from Senapati) without any prior work experience. Though she was suspicious about the job, but she was enticed by the lucrative job offer as she had to support her ailing father and six young siblings. Complimentary flight tickets were offered for all the three girls.

All the 3 girls departed for Bangalore the next day before proper investigation about the offered job could be initiated with the help of Anti Human Trafficking Unit, Imphal West. On the second day of their reaching Banglore, Women Helpline received a distress call from her mother requesting us to rescue the girls as they had asked her for help. After contacting the girl, she informed us that instead of joining a beauty parlor, their agents have now asked to work in Spa as Masseuse, giving body massages to the male walk-in customers and had put restriction to the use of mobile phone and now wanted us, i.e. Women Helpline 181, Manipur to rescue them at the earliest. She also managed to inform us that from her current location they were going to be taken to an unknown location towards Shivamogga District which was around 300 kms away.


Minute observations on the way and with presence of mind, key information such as their traveling bus number plates, milestones, roadside signage etc. were passed on secretly by the brave girl to Women Helpline 181, Manipur and Imphal West Police, which was again further shared with Karnataka police of Shivamogga Police Station and finally managed to intercept the bus by getting in touch with the bus driver & the bus conductor and all 3 were thus rescued safely in time.

Until the rescued girls were repatriated to Manipur, they are being kept at a place of safety for women at a Ujjawala Home run by the Ministry of Women and Child & government of Karnataka.

Biobala Nongmeikapam Deputy Director (WP) and Mr. Ravi Gurumayum, Hepline Manager and the entire team of Women Helpline 181 appeal to the public especially young girls from the Hill Districts, to remain vigilant against such lucrative job offerings and incentives outside the state.

They also urge the guardians to keep their wards against such fraudulent advertisement over the internet and job placement centers. Verification and confirmation of authenticity of jobs should be carefully carried out before sending them outside the state. They also appealed to the public to contact Women Helpline on its toll free number #181 for any kind of women in distress situation and look forward for cooperation from community leaders, Tribe Apex Bodies, village leaders, religious leaders, and media to curb the menace of human trafficking.

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