Stop planting eucalyptus plant: dr. Najma Heptullah

Imphal: “Eucalyptus plant is brought from Australia during British period and it helps in decreasing the rich biodiversity of the State. Stop planting eucalyptus plant. We do not need it,” said Dr. Najma Heptullah, Governor Manipur.

The Governor was speaking as Chief Guest in the launching programme of CSIR-Aroma Mission and Anthropogenic impact & their management options in the different ecosystems of the Indian Himalayan region (Imphal/Manipur river basin) today at CSIR-NEIST, BLIM, Imphal. Dr. Najma Heptullah appealed to the Scientists of Manipur for starting a movement against the planting of eucalyptus plant in the region. The plant has negative effect to the region’s environment like inducing soil degradation, decline of ground water level and also harm to other plants.

Saying that the Governor is working very hard for removal of Ithai Barrage, Dr. Najma Heptullah told that in this regard, she had met the Ministry of Environment at the centre. Because of the barrage, the largest lake in the north- east, Loktak lake is shrinking.  Water can not flow to down stream and many rare species both flora and fauna are vanishing.

Giving assurance for any help from Raj Bhawan in pertain to plant research work, the Governor asked for not to fight with nature in the name of modernization.

On the occasion, Director CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat Dr D. Ramaiah;  Chief Scientist, CSIR-NEIST, Jorhat Dr P. Sengupta and Former Member, Steering Committee NER Vision, 2020 DoNER, Government of India Prof. N. Mohendro Singh were on the dais as President, Guest of Honour and Special Invitee respectively.

As part of the programme, memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the CSIR-NEIST, BLM, Imphal and farmers of the State was signed and distributed quality planting variety of lemon grass and citronella plant which were developed by the CSIR- NEIST.

It is said that farmers are supposed to cultivate lemon grass and citronella plant to 500 hectors of Manipur. Moreover, whenever they cultivate the plants in every 50 hectors, CSIR-NEIST will install one oil extract machine (600 kg. capacity) too. (DIPR)

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