Pradhan uses gun for his wife

Asem Shanti in the middle, at the Press Club

Imphal, September 7 :  “Pradhan Asem Bhubon threatened my husband pointing his gun and pulling his shirt shouting why did you try to make our election campaign unworthy” complains a 39 yeras old woman, Asem Shanti from Khengman Lairembi Leikai, Thoubal.

Shanti said the Pradhan of Khengman threatened her and her husband Asem Chaothoi for working against his wife, Asem Noyon, who is contesting in the forthcoming Gram Panchayat elections to be held on October 7.

Asem Shanti was talking to the reporters at Manipur Press Club. She narrated that Bhubon, pointing his gun to him (Chaothoi) shouting “Why did you try to break our election campaign, I shoot you?”

She said Chaothoi was with his two friends chatting when the incident took place at around 9: 30 pm yesterday  by a roadside near her residence at Khengman in Thoubal district. The Pradhan pulled his shirt by the chest, all the shirt buttons fall down and point the gun to him saying those words. “My husband answered him that he was busy and had no time to indulge in election”, said Shanti.

Bhubon came along with his men to threaten Chaithoi. He and his companion left in thier vehicle when Shanti rings the electric post to signal the meira paibi.

This time Bhubon is not contesting in the election. His wife Asem Noyon is contesting instead as for the Khengman Panchayat this time is reserved for women.

Is it permissible for a Pradhan use his gun to make his wife win election? Are such persons proper to serve the people? If my husband was shot dead what will happen to our family living on daily manual works, said Shanti. Chaothoi is a carpenter.

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