Mega Traffic Lok Adalat

Pothashang News Service

Imphal, September 23: Manipur State Legal Services Authority in collaboration with the motor vehicle and police departments as instructed by the Supreme Court Committee on road safety today conducted a mega in Imphal city.

The traffic lok adalat was conducted form 9 am till 4 am. City traffic policemen checked if the people driving on the roads follow safety rules of road traffic at different parts of Imphal city covering parts of Imphal West and Imphal East. The traffic lok adalat was tentatively organised at Palace Gate and Mantipukri in Imphal East, and at Kangla Pat, Tiddim road near Hodam Leirak and Tera Bazar.

The capaign is organised to give awareness to the people regarding use of helmets while riding two whellers, wearing of seat belts for 4 wheelers, use of mobile phones while driving, drunken driving and other traffic offences, like, driving without valid motor vehicle license and valid documents, said Ojesh Mutum, a member secretary of Manipur State Legal Service Authority.

Traffic rules leaflets were distributed to the people on roads. Those who drive without following traffic rules were fined as penalties at the spot. The penalties ranges from Rs. 100 to Rs. 500 and People who were found strictly following traffic rules with possession of valid documents were also appreciated by giving certificate of good conduct.

The traffic adalat will continue in all the districts and continue it every Saturday in towns and cities.

“Wearing of helmet and seat belts only cannot bring safety rules while the roads remain with full of pot hole. If people are liable to give penalty for disobeying traffic rules, the authority is also liable to give compensation to the people”, said a boy from Imphal.

People appreciated the campaign on traffic awareness while the state has been witnessing frequent road accidents in the current year.

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