Manorama Year Book set ablaze

Pothashang News Service

Imphal, September 16: Kangle Salai Apunba Lup (KSAL), a socio cultural organisation has banned Manorama Book Year Book for publishing an article which reciprocates the history and culture of Manipur.

A group of supporters of KSAL today put copies of Manorama book into fire in protest demonstration at the south gate of DM college, here.

“Time has come for all the people in the state to stand united and fight against any misinterpretation of our culture, tradition and history”, said Yumkhaibam Meerenkhomba, president of the association in a statement released today. “The interpretation that the traditional Laiharaoba dance of Meitei came form the Raas Leela dance, in the Manorama Yearbook 2017 is baseless and we condemn it”, added the association president.

Our beautiful Lai Haraoba Dance or the Khamba Thoibi Dance has been linked with Hindu gods and goddesses Krishna, Radha, Mahadeva, Parvati on page number 885 printed and published by Malaya Manorama Press Kottayam’, alleged the association.

The Raas dance was introduced in Manipur during the reign of King Bheigyachandra (1763-1796). However, the invented Rasa dance has been linked to King Loyumba who reigned in Manipur from 1074 to 1122 in the Manorama Year Book. Our own culture and tradition cannot be defamed in such a way in the whole world. The Rasa dance is never mentioned in the chronicle or the historical book relating to Khamba and Thoibi, complains the association.

The association had asked the publisher to change the wrong history and re-edit, through English papers within September 15, but there has no any reaction or apology from the publisher. “So we burnt the book copies today and banned it”, added the association president.

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