Education, Labour & Employment Minister Shri Th. Radheshyam said that to stay united is a must. The people of the state need to unite once again like our forefathers who fought against the external force – the British – sacrificing their lives for the freedom of Manipur, he added.

The Minister made the statement in his speech as a Chief Guest at the 130th Birth Anniversary of Laininghal Ibungo Phundrei (Phullo) at MMRC & Unity Park, Khangabok, organised by Meitei/Meetei Inaat Saktam Kanba Lup.

The Minister said that change is a phenomenon which no one can stop. In today’s competitive world, tradition that has now become outdated should be abandoned. He explained that the ability to make the right choice from all the available right option is very important to remain contemporary.

The tradition and identity should benefit the people and society as a whole to become a progressive society heading towards development. It should be the one which the forefathers had set with the virtue, beauty and truth that would nourish the moral values as whole, bringing unity among the people living in the state.

Changes cannot be averted. However, the best would be to look up at what is important to set as the best example. He said that the approach and view towards the society need to be broaden and be able to sacrifice for the sake of the humanity and absorb all that is best to bring a positive change in the society.

On the need to lift the economy, the Minister emphasised on the need to protect the local varieties of horticultural product of the state. He also encouraged using of products made in Manipur to uplift the economic condition of the state. He said that if the people fail to realise and promote the local products being produced through schemes of skill development, than it wouldn’t benefit anyone.

He said that when kindness, compassion, sacrificial spirit, hard working, kind heartedness and humanity are revived and imbibed amongst ourselves then only will the tradition and identity be safeguarded and brought into practice. Instead of complaining, one needs to act to better the condition of the society, he added.

During the anniversary celebration a publication was also released. Dignitaries, members and volunteers attended the function.

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