Education Minister Shri Th. Radheshyam said simplification is a must to make the children have clear understanding of their choice or the decision they will make in their life. The simplification should be done from their early age onwards either in education, decision making or in any task.

The innate qualities of the children should be tried to discover instead of limiting them with excessive demands of the guardian. The Minister made the statement in his speech as Chief Guest of the Felicitation function of meritorious Students & distinguished Personalities organised by the United Development Association (UDA) at the Khangabok Government High School.

Children should be let loose of boundaries of demands set by the parents and teachers for it sideline the inborn qualities of the children. Instead, this excessive demands and pressure in children’s life dishearten and discourage them, he added.

He said children need to be made to know about things happening in and around their life with clear understanding so that they can be ready to face any challenges in days to come. Education, he elaborated that, is not just to get employed, but is to trained the mind of oneself to become a good human and contribute for the betterment of the society. To live and to let live an others good life, he added.

He said that best utilisation of the available resources to fulfil the basic necessity also defines the quality of a good leader. A headmaster, thus, should have the knowledge of all the necessary and administrative requirements of the school. Any developmental work in the school should be need base, and said if anything wrong is being carried out than it should be stop. One should have the courage to say ‘no’ to what is wrong. Therefore he said ‘Ghost Students’ in terms of mid day meal a common plague in government schools should be stopped.

He said a child learns good as well as bad habits from the elders. To pave a righteous path for the children elders first need to show and teach them the right thing.

In the function the Minister distributed prizes to the meritorious students. The function was attended by Chairman, Council of Higher Secondary, Shri L. Mahendra Singh, Secretary, Board of Secondary Education and other dignitaries, teacher, students and locals.

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