Shri Th. Shyamkumar, Minister MAHUD and Forests & Environment took serious note of the garbage dumped along the Indian side near the Indo-Myanmar friendship bridge.

Terming it as dangerous for the environment, Minister Shyamkumar feared that if the dumping continues, than in the coming years, the garbage could pollute the river which flows between the two countries and the neighbouring country may complain over the matter.

Speaking to the media persons, Shyamkumar said that, earlier Moreh was under MAHUD department when it was under one town committee. He said there is a need for a meeting between the MAHUD officials and Councillors for the introduction of solid waste management programme. He opined that necessary steps are needed to be taken up to stop pollution of the environment.

Shyamkumar also appreciated volunteers of Worker and Trainer’s Association, Moreh for voluntary cleaning the area. He said the Government will try providing the volunteers a vehicle to collect waste.

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