Human rights bodies of Manipur today held a dicussion session “59th Year of AFSPA and State of Impunity at Manipur Press Club and took four resolutions which were submitted to the chief minister.

The discussion was jointly organised by Extra-judicial Execution Victim Families Association Manipur (EEVFAM), Human Rghts Alert, Just Peace Foundation and United NGO Mission Manipur.

The discussion highlighted the letter which was written by the rights bodies dated today written to the Director Central Bureau of Investigation New Delhi with video evidence to the ongoing further investigation in  respect to the 23rd July 2009 fake encounter case.

The letter stated that on the direction of the High Court the Government of Manipur handed over case related to the killing of Sanjil and Rabina on 23rd July 2009 to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to initiate criminal investigation against the errant Manipur Police Commandos. On concluding the investigation, CBl charge sheeted against nine police personnel and criminal trial has been undergoing before the learned Session Judge, Imphal West. During the ongoing trial Dr. AK Jhaljit in his deposition before the learned Session Judge, Imphal West claimed that the killing of Sanjit had already been carried out before his arrival to the crime scene and further deposed that he gave no order to fire. Therefore he has sworn that he had no knowledge of how Sar was killed.

In January, 2016 Head Constable Thounaojam Herojit made a voluntary disclosure that he had shot an “unarmed” Sanjit on the order of Dr. AK Jhaljit Singh, the then Additional Superintendent of Police Imphal West. Constable Thounaojam Herojit is one of the nine accused policemen who are currently facing criminal trial before the learned Session Judge, Imphal West. There is every reason to believe that the extra-judicial execution of Sanjit was carried out on the instruction of the then Additional Superintendent of Police (Ops), Imphal West Dr. AK Jhaljit who is now promoted to the rank of Superintendent of Police. But the CBI failed to include Dr. AK Jhaljit in the charge-sheet which had been submitted to the learned Session Judge, Imphal West.

In the subsequent development, reputed international and national media ol-ganizatioris including the BBC, Al Jazeera,Canak-and NDTV have aired certain facts clearly showing Head Constable ThounaojamHerojit being called out by AK Jhaljit then Additional Superintendent of Police (Ops) before and after the killing of Sanjit. Screen shot pictures of ihalajit ducking down on hearing the gunshot on the crime scene are being annexed.

By now it is an established fact that the killing of Sanjit was a staged encounter. It was a premeditated operation. As in many pre-planned operation (fake encounterkilling being one), the operation ought to have been commanded by the superior officers of the force. Herojit in his confession has statedd that Jhalajit told him that the then DGP, YumnamJoykumar, the present Deputy Chief Minister, and the then Chief Minister, Okramibobi Singh had given the order to finish off Sanjit.

Several evidences have come up to corroborate the confession of Herojit. Till yet, the CBI has not been able to get to the bottom of the truth of that unfortunate day as to who gave the order to kill Sanjit. On the contrary, the Manipur High Court has prevented the CBI from making any coercive move on Jhalajit, including his arrest in the course of investigation. This extraordinary bail is not only saving Jhalajit but also the higher ups that are neck deep in this heinous crime.

Thereby, it is requested that Jhalajit be suspended and arrested at the earliest to prevent him from obstructing the invest-it:pit-ion of this infamous case whose outcome can have a decisive impact onthecourse of justice in Manipur.

Todays discussion came to the conclusion that today marks the beginning of the 60th years of the enactment of the Armed Forces (Assam and Manipur) Special Powers Act (AFSPA) as a temporary measure on 18 August 1958 in the LokSabha and it continues imposition in Manipur;

The meeting Public meeting took four resolutions.

  1. To call upon the Prime Minister and Government of India to repeal AFSPA;
  2. To call upon the Chief Minster and the Government of Manipur to revoke the ‘disturb area’ status under the AFSPA from Manipur at the earliest;
  3. To appeal to the families of the victims, witnesses, the civil society, Government of Manipur and a!! concern to extend full cooperation with the CE,’! SIT investigating the cases of extra judicial executions under the direction of the Supreme Court of India;
  4. To submit the evidence of the23rd July 2009 killing of Sartfit and Rabina at Khwairamband Bazaar to the CBI for prompt necessary action.

The members of the rights groups walked towards the chief minister’s office. Police stopped them and allowed few representatives to submit their demand to revoke the disturbed area status from Manipur.

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