Education, Labour & Employment Minister Shri Th. Radheshyam today, celebrates the 7th Birthday of Children at the Hope Home, Imphal, a home meant only for girls, at Takyel Khongbal Maning Leikai.

The Minister said that the birthday is very significant for all, specially, for the girls staying at the home. Born in different houses at different dates, birthdays for all the girls are now celebrated on this special day for all the sisters of this big family living under a single roof, he added.

He said that positive thoughts and ideas need to be practically ‘converted and translated’ into action for betterment of the society. He added that the human values are diminishing day by day in today’s society. Moral value is the need of the hour that should be imparted in schools and colleges among the youths, the student of today to restore the beautiful tradition of the society. Once these moral values are imbibed to the young minds, then the selfish and unwanted incidents prevailing in the state could be lessened, he reprimanded.

Education does not just mean to be literate, but, to be able to enrich human moral values enabling to stand and face problems. Taking example of the children of the home, who though lacks many things in their life, he said, is prepared to face the challenges in their life. Commitment, hard work, sacrifice, discipline, helping attitude and determination are a must to enhance the youths of today to better present day society. Hope is the faith that built confidence to achieve goal. Thus, the home itself is the hope for all the girls living here for their better future, he added.

Shri Radheshyam also appreciated and thanks those whoever is extending their never ending support. A single word or deed can bring change to one’s life. He urged to extend the true love and care to all the children and everyone in need of support, to make their life better and to help them become a productive and contributive citizen.

He said that he will try to extend all his helping hand in providing the necessary needs, even books, for better education to the children and will discuss for the support from the social welfare Minister and Government.

The home has been home to twenty four girls living together. Six girls had now moved away after attaining eighteen years to pursue higher education in colleges while eighteen girls are still staying at the home. He asked to conduct a follow up action to retract the girls those who had shifted from the home so that further help, if necessary, could be extended to them. The home can also invite them to have interactive session with those presently staying at the home.

Retd. Principal Oriental College, Imphal, Shri N. Ibobi Singh, Director, The Hope Home, Imphal Ksh. Nilbir Singh, other dignitaries, guardians and children were also present at the celebration.

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