Social Welfare and Cooperation Minister Smt. Nemcha Kipgen highly condemned the recent rape of a minor school girl who was brutally attacked, raped and attempted to murder at Viewland Colony, Senapati district headquarters earlier this month.

The Minister while expressing her concern said that the utmost priority as of now is to help the victim regain her consciousness, as she is presently unconscious post the incident. As such, on the supervision of the Minister, security personnel have been deployed at the hospital room of the minor girl and have instructed the police not to let anyone directly interrogate the matter to the victim until she regains her normal condition.

“Those involved in this heinous crime will not be spared under any circumstances,” said the Minister. The Minister had also given assurance for extending maximum assistance in getting justice in time for the victim.

Under the supervision of the SW & Coop. Minister, a team of Manipur State Commission for Women led by Chairperson Dr. K. Sobita Devi have visited the hospital to meet the minor girl and to spot enquire the prevailing condition of the victim. The team who met the concerned officials of the hospital take accounts of the present condition of the victim. The officials stated that medical examination had already been taken by the RIMS Forensic Department. As per the doctors of the hospital, there is still very little improvement in the girl’s condition and so, she is being observed under intensive care.

The team also met Senapati S.P. Faumei Gonglin, IPS to discuss the matter. During the meeting, S.P. Senapati said that an FIR had been taken up in connection with the rape of the minor girl and efforts are being made to find the accuse involved in this heinous crime. In an effort to find out those involved, combing operation had been done in suspected areas, the S.P. added. He urged and appealed to the people of the area to extend cooperation in tracing and finding those culprits involved in this inhuman act.

While condemning this incident, Chairperson Dr. K. Sobita asserted that the commission is alert and gathering time-to-time status of the case from the S.P. in this connection.

The Minister also lauded the efficient work carried out by the team of Manipur police led by Senapati S.P. so far in this case and is optimistic that the judiciary will deliver justice to the victim and the family at the earliest. (DIPR)

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