A ministerial team led by Health & Family Welfare Minister Shri L.Jayantakumar Singh inspected Heirok Community Health Centre today.

The ministerial team comprising OF Health & Family Welfare Minister  L.Jayantakumar Singh, Education Minister Th.Radheshyam Singh, Parliamentary Secretary(H&FW) S.Subhaschandra Singh, DC Thoubal, Additional Director( Health) Dr. Manikanta Singh and other medical staff  met and interact with the Doctors and staff of Heirok CHC.. In the meeting , The Health Minister assured that steps will be taken up to provide all the basic necessities including infrastructures.

Expressing his deep diasatisfaction regarding the new CHC building which is under construction , the Minister said that the concerned Department will be called up and necessary steps will be taken up to complete  the structure. The Health Minister sought public co-operation to take up new schemes and also suggested that the people  needs to be attentive to make any  nay governmental schemes a success.Seeing  the pathetic condition of the building, Shri Th. Radheshyam expressed that the present structure of the will no longer be useful to the public, a new and better project may be more beneficial.

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