Education Minister Shri Th. Radheshyam said the Education department works as a team of teachers and students and works for the betterment of the society. We have certain shortages in the department, but we should work together to utilised the available resources in the best ways.

The Minister made this statement during a visit to Chandel District to inspect the prevailing conditions of the governmental institutions of education, health and infrastructure.

During the visit Th. Radheshyam met teachers and student of the Union College, Lambung, Chandel. He said good leaders or the best managers are those who make the most of the available limited resources. It is important and the need of hour that as whole we proceed towards qualitative approach rather than looking for quantity.

Regarding shortcomings of teachers in the college, the Education Minister said he will try to send the required teachers at the earliest. He added there is a recruitment procedure underway to fill up the vacant post of teachers in colleges.

He said that, there is a need to conduct a rational survey to find out the subjects/stream having high demand of job employment and which subject would benefit the student most and even in pursuing higher education.

Such subject or streams need to be strengthened, he added. The market is all about demand and supply. Everyone has limited time to be able to achieve their goals in life. So, the teachers should mentor and guide the students along the right path. For this the teachers should teach the students how to make the right choice, he said.

He assured all possible help to the school college authority in improving the condition of the college. He said however, demands should be made on a need base and with a holistic approach. He also made a visit to Maha Union Higher Secondary School, Chandel.

Later, during a visit to the District Hospital Chandel, the Minister assured all help to upgrade the 50-beded hospital to a 100-beded hospital. The Minister was also accompanied by PDA chairman Shri T Robindro Singh, district administration officials including DC Krishna Kumar among others.

Meanwhile, in the morning on his way to Chandel, the Minister attended a Eureka Day cum Felicitation Function at Eureka Academy, Thounaoujam. During the function, High School Leaving Certificate Examination position holders of the school were feted. (DIPR)

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