Members of Manipur Legislative Assembly Yumnam Khemchand Singh, Speaker; Laishram Radhakishore Singh, Chairman, MPCB & KVIB, Government of Manipur; Parliamentary Secretaries Dr. Sapam Ranjan Singh and Heikham Dingo Singh donated their eyes for the people who are visually impaired. They made the announcement at the inaugural function of the Eye Donation Campaign Fortnight held today at Sumang Lila Sanglen, Palace Compound, organised by Samdrushti Kshamata Vikash Evam Anusandhan Mandal, SAKSHAM, Manipur Prant.

Speaking as Chief Guest of the function, Y. Khemchand Singh, Speaker, Manipur Legislative Assembly, said that he could feel the sadness the visually impaired persons are going through when he walk blindfolded for a short while as a part of the campaign. He added that thinking of those people who are visually impaired from their birth and end their life without knowing the color of white, he and the other members volunteered to donate their eyes for a good cause. He also said that every human being, after their death, should donate their eye as a gift to the society to enable the visually impaired persons to see the nature’s beauty that God has given us. Awareness on eye donation is very necessary in various places of Manipur as many people die from road accident and other incidents, he added.

Parliamentary Secretary Dr. Sapam Ranjan, speaking as Guest of Honour, said that the exact number of visually impaired person cannot be figure out as there may be many unreported data from remote areas of the State.  Medical technology has developed a lot and that people who are with visual impairment should not dishearten as they can gain vision through eye transplant. A person saves the lives of two people when he donates his eye and that gaining vision by a visually impaired person is a moment to be cherished, he added. He further said people should take pledge to make the campaign a success.

Giving his speech as President of the function, L. Radhakishore Singh, Chairman, MPCB & KVIB, said that we should donate our eyes to help those people who are visually impaired from birth or lost their vision through some incidents. Medical science has developed and is trying to solve the problems faced by human beings and now people can avoid the fatal diseases. People affected with Polio have been saved because of the advancement in Medical Science and likewise we can donate our eyes for those visually impaired people without any fear as it is done after death only, he added. He further said that the government will consult with the doctors, authority concerned and work with sincerity and transparency and so people with various disabilities should not be dishearten merely because of their inability to participate in the society. He appealed to all the students to contribute boldly whatever they can as a citizen of the country.

Jasobanta Sapam, General Secretary, SAKSHAM, in his keynote address said that, visually impaired persons should be empowered to enable them to participate in nation building. Social thinkers bring a big change in the world of the disabilities. They try to make them contribute as much as they can by minimizing the visual disability adopting various assistance devices. It is important to bring the visually impaired persons in the mainstream, to be among the regular people, and participate in every field. He appealed to all the people to help the visually impaired people by just not participating in the campaign but also donate their eyes.

As a part of the inaugural of the Eye Donation Campaign, Chief Guest of the function flagged off a Blindfold Walk joined by the special invitees. Altogether 60 persons volunteered to donate their eyes on the beginning of the Eye Donation Fortnight, as a part of the observance organized across the country. The function was attended by members of SAKSHAM, Manipur Prant, students of Ideal Blind School and Deaf and Mute School. (DIPR)

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