House passes four Demands for Grants amounting to Rs. 415,45,60,000/-

The Manipur Legislative Assembly unanimously passed four Demands for Grants with respect to four different departments amounting to Rs. 415,45,60,000/- on the concluding day of the 2nd Session of the 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly today.

The demands for grants passed after a thorough discussion and withdrawal of the policy cut and economy cut raised by the opposition MLAs pertaining to Demand No. 22-Public Health Engineering (Rs. 248,43,75,000/-), Demand No. 36-Minor Irrigation (Rs. 150,31,30,000/-), Demand No. 42-State Academy of Training (Rs. 6,52,10,000/-) and Demand No. 46-Science & Technology (Rs. 10,18,45,000/-).

The Chief Minister of Manipur Shri N.Biren Singh who also holds the portfolio of Minor Irrigation admits that there is a big lack of coordination within Departments of  Agriculture, Minor Irrigation and CADA while clarifying to policy cut raised by MLAs Shri Th.Lokeshwar Singh, Shri K.Meghachandra Singh, Md. Fajur Rahim, Km.AK.Mirabai Devi and Md. Abdul Nasir. He further opined that if these three departments properly chalked out their plans and strategies then their schemes and works will bear positive results.

He also informed the house that pre- monitoring should be done before choosing appropriate site for construction of Dams. If found dams being constructed in an inappropriate sites then it should be dismantled. Contractor working on such projects and schemes should possess high practical background, for this one need to monitor them before giving the project. There is also a provision for rain- water harvesting in most of the hilly areas, he continued.

On the other hand, Opposition MLAs Shri N. Loken Singh, Shri D. Korungthang, Shri K. Meghachandra Singh, Md. FAjur Rahim, Shri Kh. Joykisan Singh, shri R.K. Imo Singh, Shri Alfred Kanngam Arthur, Shri Okram Henry, Shri Th. Lokeshwar Singh, Km. AK. Mirabai Devi, Shri K. Ranjit Singh and Shri O. Lukhoi Singh raised Motion for disapproval of policy cut while MLA Shri Joykisan Singh raised motion for economy cut against Demand No. 22- PHE on the failure to complete water supply schemes in time, failure to give adequate water supply to all households, lack of proper administration in PHE Department, failure of the Government to complete water supply projects and no policy to preserve the Shirui Water Supply  sources and catchment areas in Ukhrul District Headquarters.

Clarifying the policy cut and economy cut motion moved by opposition MLAs PHE Minister Shri L. Dikho informed the house that it is indeed a pleasure to have matured leaders who has shared their valuable points regarding this special issue which is on water supply. All the speakers has contributed positively. He did mention that the present Government is indeed ready and committed to take up all schemes positively. Most of the problem has risen up due to recent climatic changes i.e deforestation, neglecting of water bodies and other natural sources. He even stated about Thoubal water supply project which was under the previous Government initiative.

In order to tackle all such adversities one needs to concentrate more on protection of Environment, rivers where most of the pollutants are seen floating in and out the city. He also informed the house that there were earlier success stories, and also appealed the house needs to work together to make a sound Government.

While addressing no policy to preserve the Shirui Water Supply sources and catchment areas in Ukhrul District Head quarters the Minister informed the house that most of the supply is from Shirui Hills but now it has started drying up due to deforestation. Issues from land owners has started coming up. Water supply coming form Shirui is not enough even for mainlanders of Ukhrul, he lamented.

During the discussion on demand No.46 –Science and Technology, Deputy Chief Minister Shri Y.Joykumar Singh who is also in-charge of Science and Technology Minister informed the house that the Government is planning to set up Science City in the heart of the state which will be the first of its kind in Northeast while clarifying to a policy cut raised by MLA Shri.K.Ranjit Singh on the failure to implement “Integrated Rural Energy Planning Programme”. The Minister further stated that the department should be upgraded to the status of a major department. Acquisition of land for Science Centre in all Districts will raise a big question, he continued.

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