Minister of Education, Labour & Employment Shri. Thokchom Radeshyam Singh and Minister of PHED, Printing & Stationery attended the 7th Freshers’ Meet today at ACI Chapal Hall along with Shri. Kholi, the Board Member, Chairman of the Institution and SDPO, Mao Gate Shri. Semi Ramror.

Minister Dikho also the founder of ACI extended his welcome and loves for the freshers. He testifies the exemplary life of Minister Radheshyam and stated that it only depend on your commitment, your sincerity, you can be somebody. He also wishes to see the results of student performance. He further encouraged the student to maintain eco- friendly wherever they are as they did inside the campus.

Minister Radeshyam lauded and appreciated for the presence of people on this freshers’ meet. He stated ACI is one of the most holy temple due to the presence of different class of student. He further elaborated as Hindus goes to temple, Christian to church, Muslim to masjid but student belonging to different class, caste, religion comes together to save life, bring peace, development and growth in the society. He also stated that both fresher and senior student will make a great team which comprises of different ideas, vision, cultures, family background and ideas. He laid great task of development, integration, peace and harmony.  He has appreciated Minister Dikho, also the ACI founder and Board members for bringing the need of an hour in bringing young mind for a change in Manipur and even Nation through various activities. He also aware the student to keep the positive life. He concluded Education is a holistic approach to prepare to live a meaningful life and to let other live a meaningful life. Lastly, he declared himself in becoming apart of ACI family.

Various activities for today ACI freshers’s meet is carried through songs, choreography and speeches from the Board members, student representatives one each from senior student and freshers.

ACI have affiliated to Manipur University on January 4, 2017 and got recognition of college from UGC on July 11, 2017 under the section 2(F) and 12(B) of the UGC Act 1956.

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