First organic pineapple

First time organically cultivated pineapples produced by “Loulhoumi Organic Producer Cooperative Ltd”, a Churchandpur organic grower group,  were today displayed in front of Directorate of Horticultutre and soil conservation, Imphal.

Members of the Loulhoumi group transported to Imphal the first time produced organic pineapples along with organic King Chilly too. The pineapple was sold at Rs. 25 per Kg while the King Chilly was sold at Rs. 500 per kg.

Tingneyo Bunglon, a lady cultivator at the sales said earlier they use chemical fertilizers, but the villagers started organic farming after they were enlightened by a group of NGOs.

“This year I have planted 50, 000 pineaples in two firm areas, there are others who plant more than me. We tried looking for market locations in the market places in Bishnupur district”, said Bunglon. She appealed the government to provide a marketing centre for them in Imphal.

The group was promoted by Manipur Organic Mission Agency (MOMA) and supported by Aromatic Medicinal Plants and Socio Economic Development Society. It was approved by One Cert Asia Agricultural Certification Pvt. Ltd.

The first batch of organic king chilly known as U-morok in the local dilect which was harvested at Shirarakhong in Ukhrul district was diplayed on August 9 at Shirarakhong. The plantation began since 2016 under the supervision of Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region (MOVCD-NER) with the initiative taken up by MOMA, horticulture department, MOVCD-NER and Garden Care.

Asem Bhakta of Garden said Organic ginger and turmeric will be displayed in February next year, and plantations of organic orange and lemon were begun last year.

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