Education Minister Shri Th. Radheshyam said, to improve the dilapidated condition of the government schools, the locals, those who are the guardians and citizens should take up the responsibility to ensure and improve the requirements from every possible aspect in order to bring qualitative development. He was speaking at the 8th Meritorious Award 2017, at Heingang.

Schools have been provided for educating young children who will be the future of tomorrow. With Right to Education Act (RTE), free and compulsory is provided by the government for children of age group six to fourteen. There are officials who have been task to implement this but the success of implementing this Right to Education Act will be achieved only when everyone from all walks of life come together to work for the upliftment of the education, he said.

The Minister appreciated the awards ceremony for such act would encourage the students to chase their goals. Cheering up the children for their achievements, it will also inspire the other young minds who couldn’t receive the award today due to some drawback. He also said that encouraging the children in the face of peril and failure is more important and necessary than at the success.

Guardians of every child should take the task to motivate and support them going the right path in the making of a good human being. It is more important that children are taught to be caring and loving, a person when grows up, who will be able to sacrifice for the welfare of the society. The contribution towards the society by all with the capability to love and sacrifice for other is more important than being a successful person, the Minister explained.

Joint Director MAHUD, Ng. Uttam, MCS said that though everyone wants to be successful having satisfaction of what is being achieved, contribution for the betterment of the society is more important. He advised the children present that it is better to compete with oneself than to compete with others so that with every step, the whole of improvement belongs to oneself and one should use time wisely following a tight schedule. Commandant 1st MR N. Herojit Singh, IPS said that the young children should learn to absorb only the good things and ventilate the negative ones.

Gifts were presented to the elders, with awards being given to the meritorious students. The function was organised by the Heingang United Clubs Organisation (HUCO).

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