District Family Welfare in collaboration with District Health Society, Senapati celebrated World Population Day, 2017 in a function organised at DRDA Conference Hall today. It is being organised under the theme “Be Responsible Partners for making Plans of a Family”.

Addressing the function, Shri MM Markson, Chairman, ADC Senapati said that he is committed to the population control through family planning and birth control. He also emphasised on the role played by the AASHAs and asked them to bridge the gap between doctors and patients who are not accessible by the doctors and he is ready to extend any help to the AASHAs in this regard.

Delivering her keynote address, District Immunisation Officer, Dr. Sokha said that India is expected to be World’s Most Populous Country by 2022 taking over China. Enumerating the need of family planning and birth control in the present society, she elaborated on the danger of population explosion to our environment, increase of poverty, scarcity of food and water and increase in unemployment.

She also explained the solution of over population through family planning methods like vasectomy for men and tubectomy for women as a permanent method and implant, IUD, Pills, Vaginal Ring, Shots, Patch, Diaphragm, Condom for male and withdrawal of rhythm methods, etc. She further appealed the gathering to create awareness among the public.

In his speech, Dr. Loli, CMO Senapati said that World Population Day started under the aegis of UNDP Governing Council in the year 1989 to stabilize the world population, which was an alarming growth rate. He explained that family planning is not only birth control but also planning regarding marriage, children, grandchildren, etc. He opined that for successful family planning, gender equality is necessary and both the partners should take active role. He also explained the need for empowering the youths and creating awareness through proper education.

ADC Members, DLO of all departments, MOs, AASHAs and SDWA of Senapati District also attended the function. (DIPR)

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