Right group to approach state for firm rule of law

A plenary meeting of a rights group decided to approach the government of Manipur to establish the rule of law in the state of Manipur.

Discussion on the functioning of the Manipur State Human Rights Commission in the presence of Radhabinod Koijam former Chief Minister of Manipur, Shri Justice W.A. Shishak, retired Chief Justice and former Chairperson, Manipur Human Rights Commission and Shri Ravi Nair, Executive Director, South Asia Human Rights Documentation Centre was held at Hotel Classic Grande, today.

Reminding ourselves of the United Nation’s Paris Principles on setting up of National Human Rights Institutions which applies not only to the National Human Rights Commission but also equally to the State Human Rights Commissions, we are approaching the Government of Manipur with renewed expectation that the Government will firmly establish the rule of law in the state of Manipur said a press statement released by Babloo Loitongbam of Human Rights Alert.

In this context the recent judgment of the Supreme Court of India in the EEVFAM vs. Union of India is extremely important. It underlined the importance of a State Human Rights Commission that could have addressed many of these issues within Manipur itself using the genius of the legal fraternity and the civil society, added the statement.

The meeting made various recommendations as follows.

The selection of the third member of the Commission stipulated under section 21 (2) (c) of the Protection of Human Rights Act, 1993 be done after wide consultation to ensure that a person of impeccable integrity and demonstrated commitment to human rights is appointed.

In order to maintain the dignity and status of the offices of the Chairperson and the members of the Commission, the Manipur Human Rights Commission (Salaries and Allowances and other terms and conditions of the Chairperson and Members) Rules, 2004 be suitably amended on par with best practices of other States.

A minimum of 0.25 % of the State Budget should be allocated for the Manipur State Human Rights Commission every year. The mandate of the Commission will cover the executive functions of all departments of the State.

As mandated by section 27 (1)(a) an officer not below the rank of a Secretary to the State Government shall be the Secretary of the Commission and similarly under section 27(1)(b) an officer not below the rank of an Inspector General of Police as investigating officer should be made available to the Commission with adequate permanent supporting staff, in consultation with the Commission.

The Chief Minster (Leader of the House) shall ensure filing of Action Taken Report on the basis of the Annual Report of the Commission to the legislature.

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