Police arrested three gang members

Police arrested three members of a gang who were involved in trafficking of illicit drugs and arms and ammunitions, and hijacking vehicles with other associates, along with arms.

They were identified as as Md. Alam Khan(34) son of  (L) Najiruddin of Sangaiyumpham Puleipokpi Part-I, Md. Akbar @ Ithem(32) son of (L) Manao of Lamding Cherapur Mathak Leikai and Md. Sidik Ali (42) son of Md. Ibotombi of Sangaiyumpham Yangbi Leikai.

Yesterday Thoubal Police commado teams of Thoubal District under the overall supervision of K. Meghachandra Singh, superintendent of police,Thoubal conducted intensive patrolling, frisking and checking in many parts of Thoubal District as a part of security measures taken up in the run up of Independence Day Celebration, 2017. When the police team reached a bridge  near Sangaiyumpham Nungphou Bazar an unknown person was seen in a suspicious manner. He swiftly ran away as the Police team approached him. The Police team chased and detained him for verification and checking.  On his body search, one chinese hand grenade and one .32 ammunition were found  in his possession. On verification, he identified himself as Md. Alam Khan. He was arrested at 7.30 pm from Nungphou Bazar near Bridge and seized the chinese hand grenade ang one .32 ammunition from his possession.

In the follow up action, at the instance of Md. Alam arrested his associate namely Md. Akbar @ Ithem along with one 9mm pistol with one magazine. In the further follow up action the police team arrested another associate, Md. Sidik Ali at 8.50 p.m. from his house. He also concealed the 9 mm pistol and magazine for some time before returning back to Akbar @ Ithem. The arrested persons and seized items are handed over to Thoubal Police for further legal action. The three persons disclosed that they were involved in trafficking of illicit drugs and arms and ammunitions also in hijacking vehicles with other associates.

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