Replying to a question raised by MLA Shri K. Ranjit Singh during the 5th Day of the ongoing 11th Manipur Legislative Assembly Session, 2017, Finance Minister who is also the Deputy Chief Minister of Manipur said that the Government has not yet planned about the implementation of Seventh Pay or its equivalent pay to its employees.

Shri Joykumar further state that the number of State Government Employees excluding college and schoolteachers, judicial staff, contract and muster roll employees is 74,200. This figure came to be known after an enquiry by a Feedback Committee during the previous Government which was set up on 14th December, 2016. Implementation of fifth and Sixth Pay came to effect in the year 1996 and 2006 respectively for the central Government employees whereas the same was implemented in the State in 1999 and 2010.

Minister also said that the Seventh Pay came to effect in July 2016 to the Central Government Employees. The State Government needs sometime to look into this matter since the financial position of the State is not sound, he added.

Taking part in the question hour, MLA Kangabok A/c Shri O Surjakumar Singh drew attention of the house asking the total expenditure incurred so far for various advertisements of different departments made in the media by the present Government.

Answering the question, IPR Minister Shri Th. Biswajit Singh said that the total expenditure for advertisement is Rs. 55,00,371. and the total budget of IPR Department is 18 Crores (2017-18) including 10 crores for Manipur State Journalist Welfare Scheme. The minister also assured in the house that the building is under construction at Keishampat, Imphal will be completed soon.

Replying to a question raised by MLA Shri K. Meghachandra Singh regarding the sudden transfer of doctors from PHC Khoirom, PHC Charangpat and CHC Yairipok, Health Minister Shri L. Jayantakumar Singh stated in the house that the transfer of doctors is a part of rationalization policy of the Government.

Minister Jayantakumar also maintained that 300 numbers of doctors will be recruited through Manipur Public Service Commission, in order to meet the shortage of doctors in the state, within a short period.

The total number of job seekers registered in the State Employment Exchange till 31st January, 2017 is 8,16,888 out of which 571,583 are male and 245,305 are female. This was stated in the house by the Labour and Employment Minister Shri Th. Radheshyam Singh. Replying to a question raised by MLA Shri O. Surjakumar Singh, labour and employment minister said that the people who are registered in the Employment Exchange do not include the Self Employed and Working in Private Sector Enterprises. (DIPR)

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