Goalkeepers trial for Tata Trusts

The All Manipur Football Association have informed the ten shortlisted boys for trial as goalkeepers by Tata Trusts to be held on July 10-11 to present theirs documents at the Association office on July 8.
The ten boys are T.Alison Meitei, Th.Ronel Meitei, Ak. Shridas Singh, Ph. Rohitkumar Singh, Y. Thoithoi Singh, M. Henery Singh, M. Amar, Th.Senigun Singh, Naotam Kapil Singh and Th.Johnson Singh. They are to produce statement of height measuring a minimum of 170 cm, age criteria born between January 1, 2003 to December 31, 2004 and age proof supported by MRI Scan and Birth Certificate.

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