Flood becomes more disastrous; houses, farms roads under water

Flood affected people shown disgrace over the slow response of the people as many in the low lying areas of Manipur and residents near by major rivers were facing the woes of flood.

Lilong Haoreibi, Maibam Uchiwa and Thoubal Leishangthem in Thoubal, Kongpal and Kongba in Imphal East were the worst affected areas. Major commercial areas and roads in Imphal City were flooded. School and colleges, farms, government departments in mant parts of the valley area came under flood. Flood has also occupied some portions of RIMS complex.

Many houses, farms and roads came under water as major rivers in the Manipur valley were overflowed and breached river banks following heavy rain in the last few days.

In Lilong assembly constituency about 20 square kilometre areas were covered by water. About 5, 000 pari of paddy were submerged under water. Today at around 4 am the river bank at Lilong Haoreibi area was breached at the length of about 100 meters, after river banks at Kongba were breached at two parts.

People of Lilong were in distrace to the irresponsiveness of the government. “It seems that the government has not taken the flood seriously. The MLA came in the morning and left quickly. Concern officials also came but left with no words. Nothing has been taken up so far”, said Taj Uddin, a resident of lilong.

At kongba thousands of houses were affected. MLA of Thongju constituency and works minster Biwajit were among the struggling people by the breached river bank at Kongba Irong. He spearheaded to open a relief camp at Konga.

Having thoubal river overflowed dwellings, fish farms and large area of paddy fields with ripe rice were submerged under water. At Thoubal Leishanthem an electric transformer was submerged under water.

At Maibam Uchiwa Heibong Makhong the Thoubal river was breached at the length of about 100 meter  and have similar impacts. The government officials had sought help from the army to fight against the flood and overcome the impact.

Roads along Waheng Leikai-Keishampat and New Chekon show a worse scene while similar scene was witnessed in Thangal Bazar and Paona Bazar main commerical areas.

Large residential areas of Uripok, Sagolband, Nagamapal Kangjabi, Lamphel in Imphal West can be mentioned among those flooded areas where many dwellers face trouble. Nongmeibung, Kongpal and diffrent areas of Wangkhei constituency were among those areas under flood in Imphal East.

People in the flooded places were worried if rain comes back. “For the fourth time our locality is facing flood woes with water flowing insides our houses, unlike in the past” said a resident of Nongmeibung talking to Pothshang. The governement need to give special focus on the frequent occurance of flood in the state, added the Nongmeibung resident.

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