Congress mocks BJP’s claim of 100 days achievement

Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee has retaliated against the recent claim made by the new BJP led government for its achievements in the first hundred days, saying that many of the projects and programmes were already taken up by the past Congress government.

“Inauguration of programmes which were already taken up by the Congress cannot be regarded as achievements of the new government”, said Khumukcham Joykishan, congress spokesperson while talking to the reporters at Congress Bhavan, Imphal.

He said, there has been no answer to a complain made to the chief secretary for misusing of fund by a corporator of IMC. “What is use of opening the ‘anti corruption cell”, “What has happened to their promise to unveil the Loktak Scam” , asked Joykishan.

Governing without listening to the opposition party will deteriorate the principle of democracy, added Joykishan.

Saying that the BJP led government is a government of advertisment, treasurer of Congress K. Ranjit urged the Biren singh government not to act as paper tiger, instead to work for the people.

MLA Govindas Konthoujam said, “Is the inauguration of 400KB and 132/33 KB substations  which were taken up by the congress government the achievemnt of the present government?” What changes has been brought by the new government in the power sector, asked Govindas.

The new government is a baby government; what can be done in hundred days, said Ranjit.

MLA Loken said, it is appreciating for the government’s role in bringing at rest the blockade and Churchandpur issues. It what agendas the issue was solved will be invield in the near future, added Loken.

Loken also blamed the government for taking up action against a grade IV government employee for taking a bribe of Rs. 400, but remain silent to huge corruptions of high ranking officers and ministers.

MLA Meghachandra said the government cannot be able to complete inaugurating the programmes which were almost completed  by the congress, in a year.

Saying that it is hard to frame a policy programme in 100 days MLA DD Thaissi said the programmes said to have taken up by the present government were almost taken up by the SPF government.

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