Car wheels stolen

For the first time ever four wheels of a car was found stolen, which was parked at the road side of RIMS road, Imphal.

Morning joggers today found out the car parked without all its four wheels, in front of M.M gas service office along the RIMS road. Being suspicious of theft some joggers look for the owner of the car.The owner was surprised to see his car (Swift) standing without wheels.

The owner was smiling with no word spoken as he looked at his car, when I saw him, said Shivkuma Ahongshangbam, a guy who came across the scene, while talking to Pothashang.

“We heard stories of car theft from along the RIMS road. But this time the thief targeted only the wheels and stolen four of them”, said Shivkumar.

Police came at the spot where people were gathering by the white car. They have started tracking the thief.

The idea of the thief is excellent; wheel doesn’t bear a registration number, expressed one of the people at the location.

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