The International Music Day was celebrated   today at Priyogopalsana Auditorium, Jawaharlal Nehru Manipur Dance Academy, (JNMDA) Imphal with the main aim to promote music in the State.

Organised by JNMDA in association with Gitanjali Performing Group of Art & Music , the function was graced by Commissioner IPR ,Govt. Of Manipur Shri K Radhakumar and ex. Vice Chancellor Manipur University & also Vice-Chairman, JNMDA, Imphal Prof. H.Tombi  as Chief Guest and Guest of Honour respectively.

Appreciating Shri K Radhakumar for being a poet, short-story writer and a social activist and Prof. Tombi for his rich experience in the field of dance and music, Director JNMDA, Shri L Upendro Sharma said that today’s music always speaks of a fusion of diverse elements  .

Remembering old childhood days when his grandfather used to sing folk song, Shri K Radhakumar said that Sangeet Kala is  one of the most important of all art forms in which we cannot step in without inborn talent and voice.

Humming a few lines of a Manipuri song titled ” Nungshigi Cheina“, he stated that there is  a huge impact of Western music in our culture so that we need to do proper research and carve a unique place of Manipuri music on the global arena. He also warned that we should   try to preserve our identity, originality and indigenousness   against the influx of Western, Korean and Bengali elements in our culture in recent times.

Prof. Tombi said that the whole concept   behind organising the International Music Day is to spread the awareness and importance of music   to the general public of Manipur ever since the idea was conceived and put into  actual practice in 1982 in other parts of the world. He later said, ”   Human beings have always been associated with music both in days of happiness as well as sorrow as it is a part and parcel of our day to day life just like dance. International Music Day is celebrated across 120 countries and 800 cities till date.”

A  light Kabui song on the theme ” Punshi nunsghangnaba malem pumba yaiphanaba tollaba meeoibagidamak “,  usually sung by Rani Gaidinliu & Haipou Jadonang on every full moon day,   was performed by Puiruna Golmei & party today as a part of the invocation session.

The students of JNMDA performed Kartal Cholom and Pung Cholom followed by Meitei Ishei(Malem Seitharol) by Th. Lansana and Khunung Ishei(Moirang Sai) by A.Priyarani Devi.

Heart-touching devotional songs were performed  by Gitanjali Performing Group of Art & Music, Imphal.

Th. Ibochouba Singh, S.Tijendra Singh, R.K.Jnanranjan Singh,W.Vishwanath Singh & B. Netachandra Sharma were the singers who sang in today’s musical event.

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