As a part of the 100 days’ achievements of the new BJP-led government in the state, Minister, Tribal Affairs & Hills Shri N. Kayisii today inaugurated two primary schools in Senapati District.

Makeng Cheijinba Primary School, which is located at Makeng Cheijinba Village, a Thangal village in Senapati District under Tadubi Assembly Constituency, was inaugurated by N. Kayisii in the presence of Deputy Commissioner, Senapati Shri Athem Muivah, IAS and Zonal Education Officer, Senapati Shri Xavier Longmei, MES, who were present in the inauguration function as Guests of Honour.

Speaking on the occasion, TD Minister stated that the Makeng Cheijinba Primary School is being inaugurated today as a part of the achievements of the new NDA Government led by Chief Minister Shri Biren Singh in its first 100 days in office. The minister further stated that with the setting up of this primary school, children of Makeng Cheijinba village will get the opportunity to learn basic formal education within their village. Kayisii added that children should be moulded right from the primary level and the teachers should put in their best effort to provide quality education to the students. The TD Minister expressed his view that the tribal people are brilliant despite the fact that they are not able to get quality education from the primary level. He however stated that even the present government can’t bring any development without the support and co-operation of the people.

Deputy Commissioner, Senapati Shri Athem Muivah stated that being a teacher is a sacred and noble profession which require high moral. He added that primary school is the foundation where one could get the essence of true education. Hence the people, particularly the parents, should take full responsibility to mould their children right from the primary level. He appealed the people to co-operate with the government and not to depend solely on the initiatives of the government.

Later in the afternoon, the TD Minister N. Kayisii inaugurated the Khongnem Thana Primary School in Senapati District, which falls under Karong Assembly Constituency.

Appreciating the support and co-operation of the villagers to the initiative of the new government, the TD Minister stated that Khongnem Thana is one of the oldest villages in Senapati District, which has existed since the British period. The villagers should love this unique village and should take responsibility to develop this beautiful village. He assured that he will provide whatever he can from his side and also from the side of the Directorate of Tribal Affairs & Hills.

The new BJP-led government has completed its 100 days on the midnight of 24th June, 2017. In the last 100 days, the government has taken up various development initiatives which will be further highlighted within this month.

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