Governor wants to improve Ima Market; visited markets in tradional attire

Governor Dr. Najma A. Heptulla today visited the temporary market near Tikendrajit park and the  Ima market of Khwairamband bazar and listened to the grievances being faced the women vendors after earthquake damaged the market buildings last year.
This was the first for Najma to visit the women at the markets as the governor of Manipur. She was  warmly welcome by the women traders with presentation of local products. She also offered flowers to the deity of the market.
The women vendors were amazed and happy to see the governor dressed in Manipur traditional attire.
Saying that the Ima Keithel is the world’s largest market run only by women, Najma said, “I will ask both the centre and the state governments for the improvement of this unique market”. “I will personally meet the government to complete the undergoing repairing of the market buildings which were damaged by earthquake last year, as soon as possible”, added the Governor.
Kanglei Economic development Organisation wants the Governor to help provide goods stock rooms at the market.

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