The team led by Shri Th. Biswajit Singh, Hon’ble Minister for Commerce, Trade and Industry visited Yiwu International Trade Centre, Baoshan City, Yunan Province, People’s Republic of China today at 3:30 pm (China time). The team is attending the South & South East Asia Commodity Expo and Investment Fair, 2017 at the Dianchi International Convention and International Sistership pavilion at Kunming, Yunan Province, People’s Republic of China.

During today’s visit, the Minister and his team were accompanied by Chen Jihanhua, General Manager, Yiwu International Trade City of Baoshan and his team. Mr. Jihanhua assured the State team to provide a helping hand to Manipur in the field of trade and commerce.

Further, the General Manager and his team also accepted an invitation from the Hon’ble Minister for Commerce and Industry to attend the Sangai Festival which will be held in November, 2017 at Imphal.

This is the first visit by an Indian Minister to Baoshan, China with the aim to discuss development of trade and commerce between the two countries.

On his part, minister Biswajit Singh expressed gratitude and thanked the authority of Baoshan Municipal Corporation for their hospitality.

The Minister is accompanied by Shri L. Lakher, Principal Secretary Commerce and industry, Shri M Luikham, Director Commerce and Industry, Smt. L. Inunganbi Devi, Corporator Imphal Municipal Corporation Ward No. 18, Shri L. Bashanta Sharma, Media Coordinator to Hon’ble Chief Minister Manipur and Shri Chandrakishore Singh, President, North East Federation on International Trade, Manipur Chapter.

The state team left Baoshan for Kunming around 5:20 pm of China time.

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