Belief, ritual, and faith should serve as purpose for progress of the society: Th Radheshyam

Imphal: Education, Labour and Employment Minister Shri Th. Radheshyam said belief, rituals, and faith should serve a purpose towards progress and development of the society. Thus the norms abide by the people should be simplified rather than making it difficult, discouraging the people with the fear of these notions, he added.

He was speaking as Chief Guest of the 9th Foundation Day & Releasing Function of Kanglei Khutpai: 2017-18 held at the conference hall of Xtra Edge Coaching Centre, Sagolband. The function was organised by the Kangleipak Calendar Board.

For bringing uniformity to all the yearly calendars published in the state, he said, will discuss with the cabinet to bring solution and to stop the prevailing differences of depiction of dates and names in the lunar calendars. Two hands, he explained, are required to clap and thus to enrich the inherited treasure of traditional knowledge imbibe among the people of the state and said all the different association and bodies’ need to be unified and discussed it to utilise it for better future progressively.

He also emphasised on the need of making the beliefs and rituals to be simplified and make it relevant for today’s advanced society. To become a progressive society, he said the fear and anxiety/worry prevailing in the minds of the society of Manipur need to be overcome. Addressing to the astrologers and resource persons present in the function, he urged them to lessen the prevailing fear, worry and anxiety that has been running in the society with depiction of bad omens according to lunar calendar and birth chart (kuthi) of the Manipuri.

Director IPR, Meghachandra Kongbam said in order to bring uniformity to the lunar calendars published he assured that he will write to the concern authority as soon as possible and do the needful to carry out the required process. (DIPR)

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