Day long total shut down protest imposed at Moreh by four civil society organisations have paralysed international trade at the Indo-Myanar border in addition to the closure of all establishments.

The civil societies—HTC, KSO, MYC and KWU & HR announced 24 hours total shut down denouncing the Wednesday evening blast at Moreh near Gamnong Veng community hall. The shut down began yesterday midnight.

The statement released by Hill Tribal Council said the unscrupulous act has caused fear psychosis and insecurity among the civilian at Moreh and the total shut down strike is imposed to mark protest against the blast.

The CSOs has urged the government to take up positive measures to prevent occurrence of such blast in and around Moreh. They also appeals the individual or group concerned involved in the blast not to disturb the peaceful environment of Moreh by refraining from such anti-social activities in future. Medical, fire service and pre-plan religious service are exempted from the strike.

A lost for one day is a big loss to traders like us who are depending livelihood trading imported items through Moreh, said Th. Bina, a trader from Imphal. It is also a big loss to the traders from Myanmar too. Moreh is meant for international trade and shut down at the border town is a big nuisance for the traders on both sides, added the trader.

We don’t appreciate band or general strike and we also condemn any kind of alarming threats such as blast, said the trader.

All kinds of transport service along the Imphal-Moreh road were stopped for the day even if security has been beefed up along following the protest.

The total shut down at the border town was like a curse to those who takes up transport service along the highway.

According to a research study by Th. Bharat, reader, Centre for Study of Social Exclusion and Inclusive Policy of Manipur University, the value of export towards Myanmar was estimated at about Rs 27 crore in 2012-13 while the value of import was estimated at Rs 20 crore.

Formal trade between the two countries was opened in 1995 through Manipur’s Moreh border town and neighbouring Tamu town of Myanmar.

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