Central committee of the oldest regional political party of Manipur—Manipur People’s Party has today expelled its president Nongmeikapam Sovakiran on the charges of misuse of party fund and misadministration.

A meeting of the MPP central committee held today decided to dismiss from his post of President and as well as expelled from the party.

Members of the committee arrived today to attend the central committee meeting which was decided on the 2nd of this month. However, they were agitated to find a notice on the gate stating that the meeting has been postponed.

While the meeting was going on Sovakiran was inside his office room. Central committee members dragged him out of his office to attend the meeting. The committee charged him of misusing of about 50 Lakh Rupees meant for the recent assembly elections. They also charged him of not casting his own vote in the election. The committee had press him to pay back the fund he had used.

O. Jugindro who has been a senior vice president of MPP was appointed as its interim president.

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