Mob vandalises house of husband of Lungailu

Outrageous mob today dismantled the house of Khunaijam Inaocha, claiming that he was responsible for the death of her wife R. Lungailu who was found killed cutting her throat at their home.
An uncontrolled mob completely dismantled the house of Inaocha at Chingmeirong Kabui Khul Mamang Leikai.
It was reported that a bed-sheet covered in blood was discovered concealed in one of the rooms by some people committing the vandalism.
Inaocha, his mother and sister-in-law had already surrendered to Lamphel Police Station yesterday itself.
A meeting was held at Chingmeirong Kabui Khul shortly after the Inaocha’s house was razed, with the aim of arriving at a solution. Later a memorandum was submitted to the chief minister and officer in charge of Lamphel Police station.
The memorandum appealed the authorities to understand the sentiment of the public and take appropriate actions for framing charge sheet against the suspects. It wanted the court to hold a speedy trial and asked the police to sincerely dispense their duties and do the needful to enable the court to award capital punishment to the accused.
It provided the state government a three-day deadline to furnish information of the killing. It also urged the lawyer fraternity not to defend the accused at the trial.

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