Liquor worth Rs. 30 Lakh destroyed

Varieties of liquor worth that would Rs. 30 Lakh in the local market were set ablaze by the volunteers of ‘Joint Action Committee against Drug and Alcohol’ yesterday evening.

The liquor trader was identified as Salam Sunita of Thangmeiband Khomdram Selungba Leikai.
The volunteers first found a person buying liquor from the snacks shop of Sunita at Thangmeiband Khomdram Selungba Leikai. He was let free after returning him the money for the bottle and the bottle he bought.

Subsequently after searching the shop, the volunteers of the JAC has found out Sunita as a big trader. The volunteers raided a godown at her home. Large numbers of various liquor bottles ranging from beer to whisky were found in three chambers.

Police came at the spot and wanted to seize the raided liquors. However the volunteers burnt liquors at the courtyard of Sunita. During the course Sunita fled away.

The JAC says the liquor would worth Rs. 30 lakhs in the local market. We will continue our drive so that no such items that demoralises the society are sold in our locality, said a member of the JAC.

The JAC has been warning drug and alcohol traders in Khomdram Selungba Leikai and its periphery areas stop selling them by giving deadlines. It had also organised a torch rally on May 7 evening in Imphal demonstrating against the selling and consuming of drugs and alcohol giving the message to save the youth from degradation.

The JAC complains that youth are spoiled, women are widowed, children became orphans, families are spoiled and house-wives are suffering due to the existence of drugs and alcohol. It also appeals everyone in the society to together fight against this social evil to make a brighter Manipur.

The JAC has hold a meeting over the raid during which it took a decision to make the Sunita stop selling liquor in future, besides other decisions taken in the meeting.

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