JNIMS director refutes clarification by suspended staff on corruption charge

Imphal: Director of Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Medical Sciences professor L. Deben had refuted the clarification by of the suspended staff Ningombam Romesh as innocent.

Romesh who was suspended along with Dr Heramoti, Radio Diagnosis HOD on May 17 for taking bribes from a patient after a complaint was lodged at the Anti-Corruption cell yesterday expressed that he was not involved in any corruption practice.

Addressing the reporters at Manipur Press Club yesterday, Romesh said that he was threatened and forced by director L. Deben along with seven other unknown persons in the director’s chamber into admitting corrupt practice along with Dr Heramoti.

He said that, “the only way to come out safe from the threatening situation is to agree to their condition, so I admitted that we practice corruption though we did not.”

“The video footage of taking Rs. 400 was to pay the fee of the patient for taking ultrasound of the whole abdomen. They gave me asking to pay for them as they did not know the TR fee counter,” added Romesh.

He added that it seems the director and the HOD has private problem between them, so the director might be using him as his weapon to suspend the HOD.

The clarification of Romesh was refuted immediately yesterday by Professor Deven saying that the allegation against him by Romesh as baseless. Deben asserted there is evidence against Romesh, a video recording taken while he was accepting bribes.

Speaking to media persons at his office chamber, Deben said all funds from the patients should reach the cash counter, however on that particular day, Romesh kept the funds to himself. On receiving instructions from the anti-corruption cell, an investigation was carried out. Video Footages of Romesh receiving bribes were submitted by a few individuals.

The director also said a committee was formed to probe the matter and Romesh was suspended after a thorough investigation. Professor Deben said Romesh himself saw the footages and asked for forgiveness.

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