Lt. General (retd) Konsam Himalaya today delivered a lecture on ‘My experience in Kargil War-Role of the Indian Army’ at Raj Bhavan, Imphal in a lecture programme which was mainly arranged for students.

The lecture programme was attended by around 200 students from different high Schools and Higher Secondary Schools.

Governor Dr. Najma A. Heptulla lauding the role played by the Indian army and para-military forces in protecting borders of the country by sacrificing their lives for said, “We should respect our soldiers”.

Lt. General (retd) Konsam Himalaya delivered his lecture touching lecture by mentioning his own experience and power point presentation of Kargil War, 1999. He highlighted the geographical and historical background of conflict between India and Pakistan. He said he was the Commanding Officer of 27th Battalion Rajput Regiment which was one of amongst the battalion of the Kargil War. Recalling how his boys fought the war with frostbite on above 19,000 feet height from the sea level where even pouring a mug of water turns into ice before it reach the ground and weapons didn’t function due to high altitude.  In the power point presentation, Lt. General (retd) Konsam Himalaya showed his boys valour in fighting the intruders in Kargil sectors. Besides, the picture of the role played by an Indian army in the area of Dras sector, Tiger hill, Ladakh range, Siachen glaciers were shown by slight projector.  He said he had been posted in Jammu and Kashmir for about 12 years.

War is something like struggle for humanity existence. It takes courage’s, character and guts to fight in Kargil. The most challenging while fighting a war is that we firmly believed our future generation be protected. How did I contribute, it’s a story about sacrifice and valiant, added Himalaya.

The operation Vijay of Kargil war started on May 6, 1999. The first victory of the war came on June 14, 1999 and the second victory contributed from his commanding troop on June 27, 1999, he added.

He encouraged the students to dream about what they wanted to be and push forward to achieve that goal.  He had also authored a book titled ‘Romancing the Line of Control’ in the year 2012. Basically, the book which was based on half of his life that spent as an army over the line of control.

The Governor Dr. Najma Heptulla received a simple prize from (retd) Lt. Gen. Konsam Himalaya for giving correct answer to a questions put up by him.

The lecture programme was also attended by BJP national general secretary, Ram Madhav, minister of works, RD & PR, commerce & industries, power and IPR Th. Biswajit Singh and high ranking officials of CRPF among others. DIPR

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