2nd Division League

Neroca FC prevails upon Lonestar Kashmir FC by a solitary goal through penalty in the final round of the 2nd Division League 2016-17 played at Khuman Lampak Main Stadium.

In a lacklustre game, both team had a sluggish start with Lonestar Kashmir pulling themselves down to their own half and Neroca FC failing to bulldozed its way for the all important goal to render the first half goaless.

However things looked brigthen up for Neroca FC when makes a counter attack from the right wing with Pritam Singh pushing up a grounder to the goalmouth where a goalmouth melee saw Ksh.Malemnganba making a shy to the goal which was blocked by the keeper and rolls into play, where Lonestar defendor Lancine Toure makes a deliberate handling for the penalty in the 83 minute.

Referee Debashis Mandi had no difficulty in flashing the red card to Lancine Toure and the subsequent penalty was taken by Th.Saran Singh, who makes it no mistake to convert to goal in the 85 minute for the victory today.

At the completion of the six round, Neroca FC occupy the top slot with 14 point while Southern Samity SA Kolkata have13 point. Neroca FC will meet Fateh Hyderabad in theirs next match on May 14 at Khuman Lampak Main Stadium.

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