Radhesyam wants children bring up with positive thoughts

Emphasizing to bring out the fullest of the students by utilizing the best of the available resources, Education, Labour & Employment Minister Th. Radheshyam said children must be brought up with positive thoughts and ideas as they are soft and could be moulded accordingly.
Radhesyam was attending as chied guest on the 6th Foundation Day of the Smart Universal Academy, Sekmaijin Khunou, Kakching.
When the school can make the weak students better and not discard them because of their weakness, then only the schools are considered to be a good school, said the minister.
Sstressing on the need to understand the students by the parents and teacher, the minister said there could be good relation only through interaction.
He said education, is not just to get a job, but a means to make them capable of facing any challenges in their life successfully. Poverty or being rich should not be an excuse for any failure or success because what is important for success is the determination. To nourish the children for better future and the present, Radheshyam said parents should not be very demanding but caring with love, affection and support to lead them towards the right path.

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